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Kra Heart Balance CD/DVD single + flyers [11 Dec 2012|03:01pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

at my journal

Please check it. There are other things as well~
Prices are negotiable.. so don't hesitate to ask ^^


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[10 Oct 2011|04:12pm]

Hello everyone!
Im selling Kra hand-signed , concert caught ball!

Kra Icons [16 Sep 2011|06:02pm]

Total: 12

here at crows_graphics
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[15 Sep 2011|03:49pm]

Hey! Im selling Kra concert caught signed ball


Attention Krakko!! (this is from fyeahmeruhenrock tumblr) [03 Sep 2011|02:54am]

Originally posted by meruhenrhapsody at Attention Krakko!! (this is from fyeahmeruhenrock tumblr)

On 9/11, if you are on Twitter (And even before, so we can get a good trending started…) Lets trend #HappyKRAnniversary as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Kra!!

Retweet and reblog in your respective languages, please! Everywhere that there is a Kra fanbase or community. Lets get this ball rolling, and show them that we, the overseas fans really do support and care!

(I’ll keep on reblogging this on tumblr each time that a new language is added.)


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Please help trend this, you guys! Thanks for your time!


[15 Aug 2011|07:12pm]


I'm selling some items!

( F o l l o w   m e  ♥)


sellings some CDs [09 Aug 2011|07:28pm]


Hey everyone! I have the following two kra CDs for sale~

dhar.ma (first press with cardboard slip case)
ESCAPE (limited edition)

They don't have any prices, so if you're interested please leave me a reasonable offer to consider. :3 I don't want loads of money for them, I just need the space for other things.

All offers need to be in £GBP (pounds)! I only accept payments via Paypal!

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BEST ALBUM by fans [11 Jul 2011|12:14am]

Between fans of Chile, France and Malaysia We've chosen 15 songs for a BEST ALBUM made ​​by fans and to be representative, since it covers three continents at once.

Well, I want to leave the link to download it. Tell friends to do the same in order to awaken interest in Kra
^_^, I think that is easier to listen to 15 songs that to listen to the discography if you're not a regular listener of Kra : D

- Buriki no Hata
- Dennou I <3 You
- Mizu Fuusen
- MH
- Ringo to hachimitsu
- Oniajara no uta
- Fuu no zenshin
- Aka tonbo
- Gekkabijin
- Uta
- Chinkonka
- Circus
- Tsubame
- Yume no youna hibi
- A bientôt


Translation community [09 Jul 2011|05:58pm]

Hi \(^o^)/

Sometime ago I started a translation community. The entries are members locked, but feel free to join. Don't worry, I'm not picky ^_~

Maybe you want to join the team as a translator?

Fee free to request things like interviews or lyrics. I'd like to translate them :3
But at the moment all I can give you are translations of their ameblo-blogs ^_~


See you



[request] Kra TOUR 2010 FINAL "Heart to Heart~Kanjou no Rinkaku~" @ Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall [27 Jun 2011|08:15pm]

I would like ask the last Kra's DVD that was recorded on Decembrer, 28th 2010 and shows the Maiccho's goodbye.
It was very limited >.< , even the page where it was sold doesn't exist.
( http://www.cooljapanstore.com/product_i ... ts_id=1149 )

thanks in advance ^^
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Sales Post~ [26 Apr 2011|07:55pm]

Hi guys! I have an autograph for sale, along with many items and even more flyers here --> http://talene309.livejournal.com/398814.html

Kra- Yuhra drawing and REAL autograph won from Fivefor Magazine
This is an ORIGINAL good given as a prize through one of Fivefor Magazine's issues. The drawing came from an interview in which each band member was asked to design their own tour good. Yuhra's design was a McKra burger xD!!



Toki no Ressha? [18 Apr 2011|06:13pm]

Hi! I've been looking for the English lyrics for Toki no Ressha but I can't seem to find them (: ^ :) So do any of you know where I can find them?

Selling: Kra Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe [10 Mar 2011|07:56pm]

I'm selling this CD's:

Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe 6€

Click the picture :D

I will ship worldwide!

Report:Kra TOUR 2010 FINAL 'Heart to Heart-Kanjo no Rinkaku-' Dec.28th at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall [14 Feb 2011|06:11pm]


Kra TOUR 2010 FINAL 'Heart to Heart-Kanjo no Rinkaku-'
December 28th at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall
A Scene to be Remembered Forever

On December 28th, Kra held their annual year-end concert at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall. Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall was where Kra had held their first solo concert. The members have a lot of memories related to the venue, and for this night a very special event took place.

It has been 10 years since Kra was formed. 2 weeks before the concert, it had been announced that Kra guitarist and leader Mai would leave Kra and retire from the music industry. The sudden announcement caught a lot of fans off guard. There were probably many fans at the venue that night that still couldn't believe it.


Sale: Cure Vol. 19 - Cover Kra [29 Dec 2010|12:00am]

[ mood | busy ]

$10 + 3.00 s/h USA

Cure Magazine all 176 pages. Sitting on my shelf for too long now. Great condition. Poster included, it was on my wall so there are tape marks on the back but from the front it's in awesome condition as well. Also features Phantasmagoria, Rentrer en Soi, 12012 and more indie bands that may or not be blown up now. 

Moving to Japan Sale [22 Sep 2010|12:04am]

Hey guys, I have a drawing from Yuhra with a REAL autograph that I won from Fivefor Magazine.


You can find it on my journal here --> http://talene309.livejournal.com/356654.html

Thanks! and feel free to look at the other stuff I have up in my moving to Japan sale~

FREE ITEM!! [30 Jul 2010|05:53pm]


I have a Kra wrist band that I'm willing to send (for free!) to the first commenter who says they'd like it!
I would re-list it on ebay, but I'm moving in 2 weeks and would just like to see it find a new (Kra loving) home.

The first person to comment with their e-mail address will get the wrist band.
I'll e-mail you afterwards and hopefully get your address, and you'll receive it in the next few weeks.

Because I'm paying for shipping myself, Canadian or American residents only please.

Thank you!
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Please vote [26 Jun 2010|01:10am]

I don't know if this is Kra related enough, I hope it is

MTV are having a contest of which country rocks the best. It's Germany v Japan atm and Japan are LOSING but it is close!

please vote, and we can show that Japan rocks the best :)


If you do vote, please comment :)
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TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol.100 Photo Book Online!! [25 Jun 2010|05:59pm]

Large quantity of live photos of TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol.100 arrived!
Check out how the live looks on the day!

What's the new costume of Alice Nine?
Who are the members of mysterious unit "PSC48"?
Some have never been seen anywhere else so you'd better take a look!

*Order of the Photos*
Alice Nine


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